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Bug#358751: xserver-xorg: evdev with MX 1000 mouse doesn't work anymore

On Sat, 01 Apr 2006 the mental interface of
Christian Marillat told:

> retitle 358751 tilt buttons are inverted with MX 1000 mouse
> thanks
> Hi,
> Would be very nice if the bug submitter can receive a Cc when somebody
> post to a bug...
> For Elmimar, not I'm not blind, I read the changelog, and your
> configuration doesn't work for me, X segfault when launched.

Yeah, if you don't use the wron input out of
$cat /proc/bus/input/devices. BTW you must use the one which is
listet by N: Name="Logitech USB RECEIVER" ;)

> Frank, your configuration works for me
> ,----
> | Section "InputDevice"
> | 	Identifier	"MX1000"
> | 	Driver		"evdev"
> | 	Option		"CorePointer"
> |         Option          "Name"                  "Logitech USB Receiver"
> | EndSection
> `----
> but the "tilt" (tilt is explained here
> http://floam.sh.nu/guides/mx1000)buttons are now inverted in mozilla and
> galeon.

Did you ever try something like
Option "XRelativeAxisButtons" "number number" for remapping your
mousebuttons 6 and 7? The X-axis should be the right one for the
tilt, isn't it?


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