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on earth.' 'That is news to me,' said Pilate with a laugh. ' But perhaps I am too ignorant of life. You need take no further notes,' he said to the secretary, although the man had taken none for some time. Pilate turned back to the prisoner : 'Did you read about that in some Greek book? ' 'No, I reached that conclusion in my own mind.' 'And is that what you preach? ' ' Yes.' 'Centurion Mark Muribellum, for instance--is he good? ' 'Yes,' replied the prisoner. ' He is, it is true, an unhappy man. Since the good people disfigured him he has become harsh and callous. It would be interesting to know who mutilated him.' 'That I will gladly tell you,' rejoined Pilate, ' because I was a witness to it. These good men threw themselves at him like dogs at a bear. The Germans clung to his neck, his arms, his legs. An infantry maniple had been ambushed and had it not been for a troop of cavalry breaking through from the flank--a troop commanded by me--you, philosopher, would not have been talking to Muribellum just now. It happened at the battle of mlm f mf mk mgmjmufmhpirhsinlhhohqhs io i f i r msiqhm i g hlhfhhhlhihfhlkmm p lrmsl nihm o mq m s joj f jrf s j qkmjg shsjsj sm sos nsr pq nto nno or s tokomogoso jonsoomnqos gn gtfhf n f lflfs mkkj jh k ujpgjkuko ku k mkthtluhsigh i slsm sm sm srs mplnkosnto o rknnnnnr nlogous rornl oh jljf jmjl jkji kq fjfsgqgm ghfnfogq fsr f tiu mt jumpqtht htp tf t qt k phthurt n rornr p igiliqjillmflg m jhlls lu l olklrlf hgmul i mk fm fgfifjflf kfrg qj ljs kfk ujumrkujqkniiluhl h lh lh r h mhol l hl i nhr k sk rku kk krkqhugh fjgkff kpggg i gkgggngjkkg ifugo oiohog ok o ho gtorn s t rqstnfrqsksisqshspoqsorksu sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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