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Bug#126519: Has Rani, moor


CTR Investments and Consulting Inc (CIVX) 

CIVX - is our NEXT  HT  PICK, We Do Not See this slowing down, 
We Know Many of You Like Momentum.  This is a Must Watch.

CTR Investments and Consulting Inc (CIVX.PK)  
Current  Price:  $0.176
Short  Term  Price Target:  $0.95
Long  Term  Price  Target:  $2.35
Status: Strng  Buy
*717+%  profit potential  short  term 

RECENT HT  News released:

(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 16, 2006 -- (CIVX - News) has 
been contracted to provide technical and procedural 
design and implementation services for SaferKidz, a 
Charlottesville, Virginia-based not-for-profit 
organization. CTR will create the system design and 
implement the strategy for SaferKidz to allow this 
worthwhile organization to meet its mandate.
About CTR Investments and Consulting:

CTR Investments and Consulting, Inc. provides a family 
of information technology services and products used by 
customers in the financial, government and health care 

W@tch this One TrAde Tomorrow. G  CIVX.

Sincerely  ,
Jaquenetta McCulloch
Senior  Investment Advisor
GLW  Group


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