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Bug#347557: xlibs: [6.9 transition] XKB error upon GNOME startup

reassign 347557 libxklavier10

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 02:00 +0200, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > I see nothing wrong, xlibs works just fine, maybe this is a GNOME
> > problem?
> You're welcome to reassign to gnome-control-center (which provides
> gnome-keyboard-properties) if you think that this is appropriate.
> I've attached its dependency listing here just in case.
> Package: gnome-control-center
> Version: 1:2.12.2-1
> Versions of packages gnome-control-center depends on:


> ii  libxklavier10            2.0-0.3         X Keyboard Extension high-level AP

Downgrading libxklavier to 2.0-0.2 seems to fix things here. Note that
this is on amd64, so it seems to be a genuine libxklavier10 bug.
Reassigning and CC'ing Daniel Schepler, who uploaded the 0.3 NMU.

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