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Bug#342817: No joy in X land

reassign 342817 xserver-xorg
retitle 342817 Apparent hang of X.org with the nv open source driver

> I've gotten the video card to work by using the Debianized version of
> the proprietary driver with the 2.6.12-i686-smp kernel and headers
> (name is approximate, but it's the right flavor).
> It also works with vga driver, confirming the problem is with the
> open-source nv driver.  Someone on the xorg list said there was a
> known bug and suggested I try the latest 6.9 RC3.  I built the latest
> Debianized version I could find, which was RC2, and it still has the
> problem.

So, the general solution to this is using a future version of X.org
server, namely 6.9 RC3, which would better support your video card....

This means we should reassign this bug wherever it pertains...

Thanks for your patience investigating this bug. I'm pretty sure that
the Debian X Striking Force will deal with it in the future.

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