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xorg 6.9 manifest check failure in svn r728

Hi david,

I just checked out and built branches/6.9/ for amd64.

It builds fine, but fails the manifest check due to the upstream
install target for rstart copying the .svn/ directory for
xc/programs/rstart/commands/ and xc/programs/rstart/contexts/ into

xc/programs/rstart/Imakefile defines a Recurse macro that filters out
CVS files, but this fails for obvious reasons with a svn checkout.
Switching CVS for svn as in the trivial patch below cures the problem.
Not knowing much about Imake, it took me a while to track this down,
so I thought I'd let you know about it.

Index: Imakefile
--- Imakefile	(revision 728)
+++ Imakefile	(working copy)
@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@

 #define	Recurse(src, dest, filefunc) set -x;				\@@\
-	for name in `find src -print | grep -v CVS` ;			\@@\
+	for name in `find src -print | grep -v svn` ;			\@@\
 		do							\@@\
 			if test -f $$name;				\@@\
 			then						\@@\

Will Dyson

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