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Bug#332521: Split xbase-clients

Package: xbase-clients
Version: 6.8.2.dfsg.1-8
Severity: wishlist


xbase-clients by now has an installed size of 4,5MB. Quite
a lot for a "base" package. One, that nearly every X
workstation has installed.

It has a lot of specific add-ons, that not everyone needs.

I've tried to create some categories of tools in

- diagnostics / debugging:
	xev, xfd, xrandr, xtrap*, xlsatoms, dpsexec, dpsinfo,
	xprop, xdpyinfo, xwininfo, glxinfo, xvinfo, 
	appres, editres, listres, viewres,
	Xmark, x11perf, and x11perfcomp
- management tools:
	xvidtune, atobm, bmtoa, fstobdf, 
- desktop utilities:
	(see Bug#199675)
	beforelight, oclock, xclock, xmag, xload, xeyes,
	xconsole, xbiff,
- demos
	xgc, dga, ico, glxgears, texteroids, xlogo, 
- basic tools:
	xset, xsetroot, xrefresh, xkill, xauth, startx,
	(for xauth see Bug#151613)
- discouraged tools
	both xorg*config tools

The intention of this list is to serve as a starting point.
There are surely hundreds of things, that need to be
changed in it, and it misses some tools from xbase-clients,
that I do not use nor do I have an idea, what they _really_
could do.


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