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Re: mouse & kernel 2.6

2005/8/30, David Martínez Moreno <ender@debian.org>:
> El lunes, 29 de agosto de 2005 20:36, Paolo Pantaleo escribió:
> > I have installed 2.6 kernel and i noticed a differente mouse behavior
> > (in X eniviroment):
> > With 2.6 kernel mouse moves faster than with 2.4. So i tried to slow
> > down mouse with
> > xset m 1/10 0
> > that should give a really slow mouse motion, but xset seems to give no
> > results.
> >
> > I have a Trust PS/2 Mouse, that han no special features.
> > I have a  i386 machine.
> >
> > Any idea?
>         Hello, Paolo. Sure. For your machine, in 2.6, you likely appear to have two
> mouses. Read 2.6 input drivers FAQ
> (http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0402.0/0019.html).
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(Replying with a little delay...)
Thnx for your precious help, now it works:)
So i did:

in XF86Config-4 the mouse device was:
/dev/psaux (working fine with 2.4)
i changed it to
and it worked fine with kernel 2.6

Isn't it a kind of bug? (I think i modified XF86config-4 manually, but
if I didn't would XF66Config be modified by Kernel installation?

I think ti would be nice if the mouse were accessd throught a link,
that depending on what kernel version is running points to the right


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