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[SPAM] Re: 6.9 Progress And Plans For The Future

El jueves, 25 de agosto de 2005 23:10, David Nusinow escribió:
>  2) xterm was officially split out from the upstream tree. I've heard it's
>     going back in for rc1 (or the final release, whichever is first) but
> 	we may as well push forward with transitioning to Thomas Dickey as our
> 	canonical upstream. If Ender doesn't get back about this tonight, I'll
> 	start setting up the repo and moving the packaging material over to
> 	split it out officially.

	Hello, David. Please feel free to remove xterm. I have nearly working xterm 
out of the tree, but I keep waiting for Branden to open a new repo for xterm. 
I do not know enough of SVN, but maybe if I have write access, I could open a 
new repo? Please help me here.

>  3) It will undoubtedly FTBFS on any non-i386 arch because I haven't done
>     the requisite manifest work at all for these arches. Once the above are
> 	done, I'm going to get working on these other arches. This is not an
> 	actual blocker for uploading to experimental, but I'd like to get this
> 	cleared up as soon as possible so that we don't totally break unstable
> 	for five rounds of uploads due to the manifest stuff again.
> 	Porters reading this list, or just anyone who owns a minority arch, if
> 	you want to send build logs so that I can fix up the manifest stuff for
> 	your arch, please check out the 6.9 branch once I get render and
> 	xrender updated and uploaded to experimental. The build log will have a
> 	diff at the end for the manifest for your arch, and this will be
> 	critical in getting things to fully build for you.

	I should put my mips box in unstable to give you some input... :-)

>    So that's where we're at with 6.9. We're getting to the stage where any
> work on the 6.8 tree is polish, although there's still plenty to be done
> there, and fortunately it will transfer over easily to the 6.9 tree.
> However, in order to keep momentum, I plan to set a freeze on the 6.8 tree
> at the point where 6.8 reaches testing. During this time, all changes to
> the 6.8 tree must be approved by me. At the same time, the 6.9 tree and 7.0
> tree (if it exists) will be fully open for development.

	Very, very, very nice. It is hard to backport things from HEAD, I can say 
now :-), so at least reaching the last upstream release would fix a lot of 
current bugs and "driver blah is ancient" reports.

	One thing, I am guessing that you will be uploading 6.9rcX packages to the 
archive, won't you? It will be nice to work on the 6.9 branch at last. I am 
excited to have latest sources at reach. :-)

>    I'm also planning to set a freeze on the 6.9 packages at some point,
> where any changes to those packages must be approved by me. During this
> freeze the 7.0 tree will be fully open for development. I will, of course,
> let you know when this is, but it definitely will not happen until 6.9 is
> built on all arches and uploaded to unstable.  Unfortunately, I can't give
> as much of a milestone as "when it enters testing" like I can for 6.8, but
> I'll keep you all posted.

	Is there any plan for 7.0 in fd.org? I mean, a schedule, at least?


>    That's it. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Free alcohol for your XSFRM?

	 There's duty on spirits in customs! :-)

	Best regards,

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		-- Imam & Riddick (Pitch Black).
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