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Bug#319448: Updated French translation of templates

El Martes, 2 de Agosto de 2005 08:35, Christian Perrier escribió:
> Attached is the updated translation of debconf templates in French.

	Thanks, Christian.

> Please commit this to the SVN, so that we can more easily follow the
> translation status on d-i translation stats pages.

	Commited after merged. 4 fuzzies have appeared.

> PS : please also commit other non commited translations such as
> 319707. Even if not complete, this helps translators in knowing what
> has to be done yet. I suggest merging them with the current POT before
> commiting:
> msgmerge -U xx.po templates.pot

	Thanks for the command line.

	I will try to get the rest of the translation included by tonight.

> Then, after commiting, please mark the bug reports as pending so that
> we know that the translation has actually been commited. This is the
> usual practice I have for packages I handle l10n for.

	Already done. :-)

	Thank you for your advices.

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