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Bug#320627: crash w/ xpdf

Subject: crash w/ Florida law
Package: xserver-common
Version: multiple

At least two people have managed to crash X by
trying to read the Florida law using xpdf.

---------- instructions for trying it ----------
Here is the Florida Administrative Code:


The index doesn't work too well. Try following the
instructions I was given for finding Chapter 64V-1,
the Vital Statistics code:

  In the menu on the left side, scroll all the
  way to the bottom to 64V-1. You will
  need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05+ to view these file.

On the debian-powerpc mailing list, Sean Neakums
and Ken Moffat report:

>> I just had a go at chapter64.pdf with xpdf and
>> my X server crashed, which is impressive.  I can't
>> remember the last time I've had X crash.
> Damn, I wish I'd read further down the thread
> before I tried.  Yeah, mine crashed too (on x86).
> A vulnerability triggered by malicious official
> documents.

That's at least two bugs by my count (xpdf and X),
and fixing one might hide the other. I have filed
an xpdf bug as well.

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