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Re: Bug#319707: INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for xorg-x11

El Domingo, 24 de Julio de 2005 10:41, Clytie Siddall escribió:
> Does this name change mean I should delete the previous XFree86  
> debconf translation file?

	Hello, Clytie. What do you mean by "delete the previous XFree86 debconf 
translation file"? Delete it from...where? Your repository?

> Also, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I've asked on the XFree86  
> list and had no response: whom should I ask about Unicode input  
> problems in X11 under Mac OSX?

	If you are using XFree86, in the XFree86 list, in you  are using X.Org, in 
the X.Org lists.

	Best regards,

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