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New packages -- hooray for MIPS, SPARC

I just put a new set of packages up in the usual place, which are now
97% more MIPS-compatible.

Updated MANIFEST.mips{,el}.in.
Updated xserver-xorg.install for mips{,el} and also alpha.
Updated MANIFEST.sparc.in because it was broken for some bizzare reason
(looks like the omnibook/ru_yawerty/XF86Cfg changes got reverted from
the Ubuntu packages in the initial import)

So i386, ia64 and powerpc are all OK, and the next upload should get us
at least mips, mipsel, s390 and sparc.  m68k hasn't made a proper
attempt yet -- the buildd was broken when it last tried -- and poor arm
is still chugging through.


(PS: No, this isn't merged with SVN, sorry.)

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