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Re: xorg-x11 FTBFS on sparc

El Martes, 12 de Julio de 2005 16:35, Julien Cristau escribió:
> Hi,
> xorg-x11 fails to build on sparc because the gcc -mv8 option, which was
> already deprecated in gcc 3.3, is not present in gcc-4.0. It has been
> replaced with -mcpu=v8.
> Ubuntu fixed this by removing the -mv8 option. I also attach an
> alternative patch which uses -mcpu=v8 instead of using the default
> SPARC-V7 instruction set. I'll let you pick one :)
> This doesn't seem to be fixed upstream yet.

	I understand that if upstream wanted -mv8, the right patch should be the one 
which replace it with -mcpu=v8.


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