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Re: C++ Transition Patches

Daniel Stone wrote:
>Er, you don't get to choose.  The DDX driver nominates which DRI module
>to load, and libGL loads it.  The only chance of confusion is people
>upgrading xserver-xorg but not xlibmesa-dri, in which case you're going
>to get exactly what you deserve.
I was thinking of people saying "I had acceleration and now I don't, what 

>> I worry about the masses of dropped dependencies on
>> xfree86-common/x11-common though.  It doesn't look correct to me, but
>> perhaps /etc/init.d/x{free86|11}-common and /etc/X11/Xsession.d really
>> aren't needed by (for instance) libice6.
>No.  No, they aren't.

Oh, good.  :-)  I was wondering about the ICE socket directory, which is set 
up in /etc/init.d/x11-common, but I suppose libice6 doesn't use it directly?

Now, what does libx11-6 need x11-common for?... does it need the server socket 
directory, or does it need Xsession.d?  The rest of x11-common is actually 
man pages and the like, but that presumably doesn't justify a Depends: 

I'm also awfully curious as to what part of xutils depends on x11-common.  
Because the only three packages left depending on x11-common are 
xserver-common, libx11-6, and xutils.

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