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Patch audit "F": 090-098

090_xkb_fix_uk_macintosh_problems.diff -- present and ported
091_xkb_implement_compose:caps.diff -- present and ported
092_Xserver_sunffb_xaa_extension.diff -- present and ported
  "Keypad equal" fix is missing and needs to be ported.
  The other fix has been committed (although other things have changed since.)

094_gbk_compound_text_transformation_fix.diff -- present and ported
095_fontutils_are_not_fonts.diff -- present and ported
096_Xlib_l10n_pt_BR.UTF-8.diff -- upstream
097_mouse_zaxis_mapping_pushes_up_buttons.diff -- present and ported
098_en_US.UTF-8_Compose_fix_Unicode_plane_1.diff -- present and ported

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