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Re: xterm.deb build from Thomas E. Dickey's tree directly

Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> I don't think that a debdiff is a good enough method of avoiding
> regressions
> here.  You might consider -- and I know this is a bit odd -- doing a build
> of the new packaging with the exact version used in the monolithic
> package, and doing a full diff between that build and the build from the
> monolithic
> package.  That seems like the best way to avoid configuration regressions.

Followup. I did a debdiff anyway.
* New dependencies on libx11-6 and zlib1g
* Dropped dependencies on libexpat1, libxp6, libxpm4
* Includes "resize", which is in xutils
* programs and manpages in FHS locations rather than /usr/X11R6/* locations. 
Which is good but requires careful transition work.

This space intentionally left blank.

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