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Bug#233001: xserver-xfree86: tseng ET40000 does not work with X with neither the tseng, vesa nor vga driver

On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 01:16:45PM -0700, Steen Hulthin Rasmussen wrote:
> Dear Luc Verhaegen,
> I only have one tseng ET4000 card. I suppose the rest
> are phantoms, as suggested in a reply to the original
> bug report (#233001). 
> I set the busID to "PCI:00:10:00" as you suggested and
> experienced with changing the bios setup. 
> With the specified busID and my new bios setup the
> xserver does not crash with neither the vesa nor the
> tseng driver. However the tseng driver gives a display
> with (unreadable) dark colours (is this a new bug or
> still the same?!). The xserver starts slowly (compared
> to in Woody) when I use the vesa driver, but it seems
> to work fine.
> There are another strange things, but I am unsure if
> they are related to this bug. I am a bit surprised
> that the vesa driver seems to work well, since I
> experienced strange behavior in the top of the display
> in Woody (I believe this was bug #112813). Could bug
> #112813 be related to this bug or perhaps to the bios
> setup?
> I enclose the xserver output using the tseng driver
> with busID set to "PCI:00:10:00".
> Additional information:
> According to my bios ID my motherboard is a Soyo
> SY-5EAS5, chipset: EQ82C6618A(-ETEQ) //VIA Apollo VPX.
> My bios is: Award modular bios v4.51PG (ID
> 03/01/1999-EQ82C6618A-ET-2A5LDS2FC-00)
> The bios setup that worked for me was: 
> (under PNP/PCI Configuration) 
> _Resources Controlled By_: AUTO, 
> _Reset Configuration_: Enabled, 
> _PCI IRQ Activated By_: Level, 
> _PCI IDE IRQ Map To_: ISA.
> Best regards,
> Steen Hulthin Rasmussen

> (--) TSENG(0): Chipset: "ET4000W32p" (rev D)
> (--) TSENG(0): Ramdac: "stg1703"
> (--) TSENG(0): Clockchip: "stg1703"

Is this the siemens board? (the most common tseng et4000w32p out there)
Anyway, stg1703 is broken on 640x480 and 800x600, 8,16 and 24 bpp. I 
haven't tested 1024x768, but i expect it to be the same thing.
I get a working output with CH8398 at 16bit.

I'm fixing the tseng driver (and its wicked use of clockRanges), 
working from et6000 down. But this is taking a lot longer than expected.
I'm currently at modesetting of the et6000. So this will not be a short 
term solution for you.

You might want to use vesa.

Luc Verhaegen.

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