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Bug#257062: please backport new Intel i910 driver

Dear all,

I didn't notice that my 990_i810_i915_from_4_4.diff  patch needed to build
the i915 enabled uniklu xfree86 packages avalaible at 


has been discussed here.

When I generated this patch last year I was very in a hurry, because I
had to adopt our Debian installation for new Dell OptiPlex GX280
(i915G) machines whithin only a few days. (I recogniced only by chance
two days before I had to start my lessons that the machines in our
computer labs had been exchanged, and not has been told to me by GX270

So I decided to take i915 support direct from Xfree 4.4 and to merge
it into 4.3, knowing that my patch would not be accepted into the
official debian package.

Now I made a new patch, this time entirely based on X.org CVS sources:

I took a CVS snapshot from
at June 3rd 2005.

I made a diff of its xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/i180
subtree with the extracted and patched build tree of the sarge xfree86
package (rel 4.3.0.dfsg.1-13). 

I tried to identify only the i915 related stuff and dropped all other
changes (wich is the majoritiy of the initial diff). For the main
part, i830_driver.c, I took an older X.org snapshot (otherwise the
differences where to large): 
CVS version 1.3 (it contains i915G support), added changes between
1.8. and 1.9 (introduces i915GM) and 1.21 and 1.22 (adds i945G).

I hope that the patch now qualifies to be DFSG compliant. Xorg says
about its own CVS tree:

 XFree86 has been imported on the vendor branch. The tree has been
 kept in sync with XFree86, through the release of their version 4.4
 with the exception of changes to their files that contain their new
 version 1.1 license.

So there should be no problem.

The patch (to be put into debian/patches) is available at


debian packages + sources at (version is 4.3.0.dfsg.1-13.uk):

deb http://debian.uni-klu.ac.at/debian.uniklu sarge/uniklu/desktop \
  main contrib non-free main-uk contrib-uk non-free-uk
# (it is in main)

see http://debian.uni-klu.ac.at for more details. Please note that
this archive also contains other backports, e.g. KDE packages, which
could replace parts of your sarge installation. Don't dist-upgrade
from this source if you dont want this!

If you want to try this Xserver on your i915 hardware whithout
touching your own system please get our unikluKNOPPIX CD mentioned at
http://debian.uni-klu.ac.at, the images are at


You have to wait some hours until I get the ISO image version
2.1-rel18 uploaded, 2.1-rel17 and earlier images contain the old 4.4 patch.
I hope the image will be there at least tomorrow eveneing (June 5 2005).

I tested the patched Xserver on the following machines

 NEC PowerMate VT:              i810E
 FujitsuSiemens LifeBook C6637: i815
 FujitsuSiemens LifeBook P7010: i855GM
 Dell OptiPlex GX270:           i865G
 Dell OptiPlex GX280:           i915G

It works on all these machines. (As with my first 4.4. based patch I'm
a little bit surprised that it works, because I dont really
understand all the details there, but it really works.)  

The kernel was version 2.4.31, these kerenls are also self compiled
packages, see http://debian.uni-klu.ac.at/debian.uniklu/kernel-source
It doesnt contain i915 specific patches, it contains a i810
framebuffer patch (additionally to the 2.4.x i830 framebuffer which
doesnt work on my i815 Lifebook), but this should have no impact.

The Xfree.log from the GX280 is available at


Sorry for beeing to late for sarge release, but I hope this could make
now its way into official debian packages. 


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