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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN property change: propchange - r2174 svn:log

Author: branden
Revision: 2174
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Apply patch from Steve Langasek to drop the xprt package, and stop
building the Xprt X server, since this functionality did not work in any
version of XFree86 up to 4.3.0, and has moved to the xprt-xprintorg
package.  (The client-side Xp library is still built.)  Thanks, Steve!
+ Update patch #003 to #define XprtServer NO and BuildXprintLib YES on
  Debian systems.  Resync patches #004, #099c, #099s, and #600.
+ Update rules file to stop turning off the build of Xprt in the server
  debug target, since that's now redundant.
+ Update MANIFEST files to reflect the fact that Xprt is no longer built.
+ Remove xprt package's stanza from debian/control.
+ Remove debian/xprt.install debhelper file.

Remove declaration of non-DFSG-freeness of the Compugraphic and Adobe
fonts (shipped as part of the Xprt server) from debian/copyright.  Update
the prune-non-free script to stop removing these files from the upstream
archive.  Roland Mainz has argued fairly persuasively on the debian-x
mailing list that the fonts were in fact freely licensed.  In the event
Mr. Mainz is wrong, the point is pretty close to void, since 1) Xprt is
not being built or shipped anymore; 2) this change does not restore the
files in question to the .orig.tar.gz; 3) the X Strike Force doesn't
anticipate shipping these files in the future X.Org packages, either.

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