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Bug#296207: xserver-xfree86: Hard lock-up (no ssh) on running xanalogtv screensaver

Quoting Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org>:

> Does
>  Option "XaaNoScanlineImageWriteRect"
> work around the problem?

For a moment I thought you had a crystal ball - perhaps you do but it is still
somewhat cloudy. The machine lasted a good 15 minutes when I added this option.

BTW, is it by using the -dbg version of xfree that you can most easily discover
what xserver routines an application is actually using? Or do you need deeper

> > A configuration detail is that I have been using xanalogtv in "Desktop
> > Image grab" mode but have not configured it to grab from a video capture
> > device.
> I assume it still happens if you configure it to only use images from a
> directory instead?
I will try this when I have obtained some images - where from, I wonder?

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