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Re: Bug#288701: Selected keymap not used for gdm, gnome or kde

(X and console-data maintainers, please look at the bug
story...Basically this may be resumed to : "User choosed "dvorak"
keyboard in d-i and then was suprised to get a US layout in
X"....Kostas, below, explains that he plans to add a console-->X
mapping feature to his localization-config package so that, at least
in fresh installs, users get a "better" value for their X keyboard
settings preseeded. Currently, localization-config is run at the end
of base-config and preseeds X debconf settings with values based on
the chosen locale...but not based on the chosen keymap for the console)

I know that Alastair had some plans about this for post-sarge....and
there's maybe the same concerns about the X Strike Force.

Quoting Konstantinos Margaritis (markos@debian.org):

> I plan this weekend to work on l-c reading the keymap configuration 
> from the console keymap setting and then fallback to the defaults map 
> if this is unsuccessful. Perhaps this will solve these kinds of 
> problems...

Sure it will. But then you should be prepared for maintaining a map
between both keyboard mapping systems. Not really a Bad Thing for
sure...but this may become a time-consuming task as you have to follow
what happen on keyboard layouts in both "sides".

If you do add this new feature, you also might want to mention this to
both console-data and X packages maintainers...which I'm just doing
now. We had a conversation about this topic with Fabbione at Debconf4.

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