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Bug#284965: X11/Mouse Problems Solved

The Subject says it; you can delete the 284965 ticket.

However, I wish to relate my experiences with this problem, as it
may help the Debian team help others avoid similar problems in the

[ It is probably useful to mention that I have been running Linux
exclusively at home and at work since 1993, and I have had my problems
with the X11 systems of that time:  I have had to adjust the huge
mode lines of those days and edit e.g. the clock speeds till fuzzy
lines of ill-sychronized horizontal refreshes gradually settled
down into a semblance of order(this on all manner of monitors, including
at first ancient Hercules displays) ]

Here is the sequence of difficulties I experienced, all, as events
showed, with the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file:
1.  The Woody installer didn't put any "Modes" in any of the Display
SubSections of the Screen section.  Fortunately I had saved my
Red Hat XF86Config file, and since my errors had to do with no
screens found, I decided it wouldn't hurt to put Modes in.  But
that didn't help. 
2.  As I reported in my immediately previous message, I was able
to find out, through googling with lynx,  that the option 
"UseFBDev" was causing, for whatever reason, the X11 to fail
completely.  After that Option, in the Video Card section, was
commented out, I got at least some part of the X display.(Tnank
goodness I left the Mode lines in!).
3.  The mouse was, however, still flakey.  At the suggestion of
a friend, who has been doing Debian for several years, I got
rid of the Generic Mouse stanza, with its /dev/input/mice and
its ImPS/2 Protocol.

Only after this grappling and groping, which involved many many
reruns of dpkg-reconfigure, plus several tries with the various
tools for making XF86Config files that exist, was I -- with
afore-mentioned help -- able finally to achieve a rock-solid
X11 display.

I don't have to recapitulate what needs to be fixed -- the inadequacies
are apparent from the numbers 1, 2, and 3 above.  I hope that attention
will be paid and efforts will be made to make a standard tool
for making -- at least on a vanilla system, which mine is -- a
workable XF86Config file.

Best wishes,

Alan McConnell

Alan McConnell :  http://patriot.net/users/alan
       We live in a world that is full of mistaken policies, but they
       are not mistaken for their supporters.(George Stigler)

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