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Bug#247821: Processed: Re: Bug#247821: kdm exits after one run

retitle 247821 xserver-xfree86: kdm fails to reset X server after one session on unknown hardware
tag 247821 + moreinfo unreproducible

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 05:03:04PM -0800, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
> > reassign 247821 xserver-xfree86
> Bug#247821: kdm exits after one run
> Bug reassigned from package `kdm' to `xserver-xfree86'.
> > severity 247821 normal
> Bug#247821: kdm exits after one run
> Severity set to `normal'.
> > thanks
> Stopping processing here.

I haven't heard of this bug happening with any other display manager, but
if we're going to treat it as an xserver-xfree86 bug report, let's treat it
as an xserver-xfree86 bug report.

[The following is a form letter.]

Dear bug submitter,

Since the XFree86 X server is a large and complex piece of software, some
more information is required of you before this bug can be handled.  Please
run the following commands from a shell prompt to gather and deliver this
information to us:

$ /usr/share/bug/xserver-xfree86 >/tmp/output 3>&1
$ mailx -s "Re: Bug#247821 followup" 247821@bugs.debian.org </tmp/output

(Do not type the "$" at the beginning of the above lines; they are there
simply to indicate the shell prompt.)

If you do not have a "mailx" command on your system, you can get it by
installing the "mailx" Debian package; for example, with the "aptitude
install mailx" or "apt-get install mailx" commands as root.  Alternatively,
you can also use a mail command that is compatible with mailx's
command-line syntax, such as "mutt".

One very good way to file bugs with the Debian Bug Tracking System is to
use the "reportbug" package and command of the same name.  The reportbug
program does a lot of automatic information-gathering that helps package
maintainers to understand your system configuration, and also ensures that
your message to the Debian Bug Tracking System is well-formed so that it is
processed correctly by the automated tools that manage the reports.  (If
you've ever gotten a "bounce" message from the Debian Bug Tracking System
that tells you your message couldn't be processed, you might appreciate
this latter feature.)

Therefore, I strongly urge you to give "reportbug" a try as your primary
bug reporting tool for the Debian System in the future.

If you *did* use reportbug to file your report, then you're receiving this
message because the information we expected to see was not present.

If you deliberately deleted this information from the report, please don't
do that in the future, even if it seems like it makes the mail too large.
50 kB (kilobytes) of configuration and log data is typical.  Only if the
included information greatly exceeds this amount (more than 100 kB) should
you consider omitting it; instead, put it up on the World Wide Web
somewhere and provide URLs to it in your report, or in subsequent followup
by mailing <247821@bugs.debian.org>.

Thank you!

G. Branden Robinson                |    Somebody once asked me if I thought
Debian GNU/Linux                   |    sex was dirty.  I said, "It is if
branden@debian.org                 |    you're doing it right."
http://people.debian.org/~branden/ |    -- Woody Allen

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