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I installed a Debian sarge System for a friend and tried to write down what 
makes Debian for an unexperienced Linux user difficult. Amazingly, these a 
quite few items...or in other words Sarge is impressive! We used two DVDs 
which are about a month old, maybe some of the issues are already resolved.

1. The installer talks continously about CDs...but we used a two DVD set. 
Somewhat confusing...

2. Scanning for index files took quite long. It would have been helpful, if 
there would be a progress bar or whatever to show that the system is still 

3. The X config improved a lot over woody. Nevertheless it is still too 
difficult for a user with little or none Linux experience. Also we did not 
get good support for the nvidia adapter, resulting in an unusable tuxracer. I 
need to help him to get good support for his nvidia sound card...(pointers 
are welcome, we installed a 2.6 kernel ;-)

4. For openoffice a meta package would have been useful. It is hard to 
understand for a non-linux guru which he has to search for all kind of 
components to get a German openoffice installation.

5. Getting internet access with an AVM ISDN card (FritzCard USB) is impossible 
for an unexperienced Linux user. Most likely there is little Debian can do 
here, the license restrictions are prohibiting any reasonable distribution...

Please follow-up to the appropriate list and try to avoid an reply all.


Rainer Dorsch
Alzentalstr. 28
D-71083 Herrenberg
Icq: 32550367

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