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Bug#281286: xserver-xfree86: Starting X with USB mouse unpluged hardlocks system when Option "AGPMode" "4" used.

retitle 281286 xserver-xfree86: USB plug/unplug events lock the system when Option "AGPMode" "4" used
tag 281286 + moreinfo

On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 05:27:23PM -0500, Slaven Peles wrote:
> This is a bizzare problem and it took me a while to figure out how to 
> reproduce it. On my laptop I configured Synaptics touchpad and USB
> mouse. If I set device option "AGPMode" "4" whenever I start X without
> USB mouse plugged or if I unplug the mouse while X is running, the whole
> system hardlocks. The keyboard does not respond, and the screen is not
> updated, i.e. all open applications stay frozen. Mice surprisingly can move 
> the cursor, but mouse buttons don't respond. It seems that processor is 
> under heavy load during that time, since the fan goes on very soon. 
> If I leave default AGPMode, everything works fine, and I can plug and
> unplug USB mouse as many times as I want. I've been doing that while
> writing this report ;-). By the way setting AGPMode to 4 does not
> improve performance (glxgears give same results regardless whether it is
> 1 or 4).

I hate to say this, but this problem may be a case of "don't do that,

It is my understanding that "AGPMode" is a deep-magic option that only
experts should fiddle with.  If using it doesn't improve performance, then
it's possible your system doesn't actually support 4X AGP transfers, and
that when you enable it, your system bus timing is pushed so close to
the edge that the interrupts generated when a USB device appears or
disappears just send your hardware into panic mode.

What do you think?

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