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Bug#275735: xserver-xfree86-dbg: Removing xlibmesa-dri library does not help either

On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 14:24 +0100, Frederic Lehobey wrote:
> Removing xlibmesa-dri does not prevent the lockups either (previously
> in the thread around this bug xlibmesa-dri has been suggested as
> possible root of the problem).
> Should not this bug raised to release critical as it make XFree
> unusable on iBook 2.2?  

I don't think that's gonna happen given the apparently relatively small
number of people affected overall. Remember that the severity
definitions don't apply to a single system but the whole picture.

Also, first of all it has to be established that this is an X server bug
in the first place, see below.

> I do not know of any workaround.

Have you verified in the X server log that disabling the DRI actually
worked? If yes, does Option "NoAccel" work around the problem? If yes,
can you try isolating an acceleration primitive via the "XaaNo..."

Also, some people have reported iBook lockups on the debian-powerpc
mailing list that seem to be related to CPU frequency scaling. Are you
using that?

PS: The bug submitter doesn't see your followups unless you send them to
-submitter@ .

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