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sarge: cannot login without X

Hallo everyone,

I swiched from Fedora Core 2 to Sarge just yesterday, and I have to install the
Nvidia driver.
As the instructions say, I have to login the system without the X server
running: to do that I used to change the runlevel from 5 (graphical login) to 3
(command line login).
I tried to do the same with sarge, but I always have to do a graphical login
with runlevels from 2 to 5.
So I tried runlevel 1, but the Nvidia installed says that there may be some
problem with that, and asks to change runlevel.
But when, from runlevel 1 and the X server down , I run the command "init 2" or
even any other runlevel from 2 to 5, X automatically starts.
I don't want this, I just want a different runlevel!
Even if kill X with "kill -9 <X PID>" I just obtain the restart of X.
What can I do to solve this problem?

Best regards,
Marco Antonelli

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