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Bug#249951: xlibs: Ctrl key not seen correctly when Russian layout used

On Wednesday,  1 September 2004, Denis Barbier wrote:

> The Ctrl key works as expected if 'us,ru' layout is selected
> ('us' can be replaced by any Latin-based layout).

Thanks for pointing that out.  I now fixed the problem for me
personally by enabling the option “Include latin layout” in the
KDE “Configure Keyboard Layout” dialogue.  That does what you say,
“setxkbmap ... -layout us,ru ...” instead of “-layout ru”.

> The problem is that Russian users surely prefer 'ru,us'.

I find that even with “-layout us,ru” in that order, after
switching to Russian I get Cyrillic input first, Latin only after
pressing Left_Shift + Right_Shift.  That suits me fine, and is
presumably also what Russian users would want.

> Maybe you can ask Debian XFree86 maintainers to backport this
> patch if you believe that it is important.

My problem is fixed by enabling that option in the KDE
configuration dialogue.  I don’t know about the bigger picture:
people who use GNOME or something else, or what happens when
Debian transitions to x.org monolithic or modular X.  I also don’t
know if this bug can be considered fixed now or not.  Let the
maintainer decide.

But it would certainly be good if Debian KDE enabled the “Include
latin layout” option by default for all non-Latin keyboard


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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