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enforcing xautolock

I am trying to enforce xautolock[0] on my X clients, and I did so

  cat <<EOF > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70xautolock
  export PID=$$
  (xautolock -secure; kill $PID) &

according to my theory, this should start a subshell and xautolock
in it. As soon as xautolock exits, this should kill the Xsession
process, which should take the entire X session with it, effectively
logging the user out.

However, it's not working. I can kill xautolock and stay in X.

My first thought was that this is related to `set -e`, which would
prevent the subshell to ever execute kill, since the killing of
xautolock would be a failure. However, shell options do not
propagate to subshells, so the xautolock-containing shell is +e by

Can you figure out why this is failing? Thanks for any hints!

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