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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN property change: propchange - r2025 svn:log

Author: branden
Revision: 2025
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Perform some cleanup work on the update-fonts-{alias,dir,scale} utilities
and their manual pages.
+ Eliminate XSIisms (!, -a, -o) in uses of test(1)/[(1).
+ Re-indent at four spaces.
+ Query terminal for its width if $COLUMNS is not set, as shell-lib.sh
  does.  Fall back to a width of 80 if stty returns garbage or nothing.
+ Rename error() to die().
+ Add usage() function and -h, --help option.
+ Use exit status 2 to indicate usage errors as opposed to operational
+ Be more careful with quoting shell variables.
+ Add and expand comments.
+ Add SVN Id keyword.
+ Update Vim modeline.
+ Update manual pages to document changes in interface and behavior (there
  are no backwards-incomaptible changes).

Set svn:keywords property to Id on the scripts.

Set svn:executable property to "*" on the scripts.

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