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Bug#276008: xserver-xfree86: input driver for the aiptek tablet is missing

tag 276008 = upstream help

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 02:40:28PM +0200, Christopher Zimmermann wrote:
> Ups, it's not in your sources. I found it in a source tree I patched. It
> would still be fine if you could include the patch. Sorry for sending
> you wrong information. The patch is on http://aiptektablet.sourceforge.net


Since I don't own this hardware, I am not a good person to integrate this

I'd be happy to work with someone who'd be willing to prepare a patch
applicable to Debian's XFree86 packages, or work on adding this patch via
the Debian X Strike Force Subversion repository for XFree86.


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