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Bug#243575: X configuration should allow to let out monitor frequencies and allow DDC to get them.

Hello Branden,

I get the feeling from this bug report that this is actually due to the X
configuration options chosing random monitor frequencies in no rapport to the
realities of the flat panel monitor he is obviously using. And thus X is
trying out frequencies that the monitor doesn't support, giving him a blank

The fact that he solved the issue by outcomenting the monitor frequencies
tends to confirm this, and it is also coherent with my own experience, as well
as info i get from doing user support for the pegasos users.

I would recomend that the X debconf questions about monitor frequencies allow
for the entering of an empty string, which would leave out the frequency
option of the config files, and the text above it be modified to inform the
user that he can let this entries blank if he has a monitor capable of DDC.


Sven Luther

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