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wacom driver patches


I've packaged and uploaded a wacom-tools package (still
NEW in incoming) containing some diagnostic tools and
automation for rolling a kernel modules package from the
source being developed at linuxwacom.sf.net.

They also have patches for wacom_drv.o which appear to
be useful and which I would like to somehow make available
to Debian users.  The ideal for me of course, is that I
convince you to accept them into the Debian packages and
work them that way toward the appropriate upstream.  I'd
be happy to filter and massage them to suit our packages
if need be.  Otherwise I'm not sure how else would be a
good way to distribute this as an 'external' module to our
X packages.

If there is an established procedure, I'll be happy to
fall into step, if not, what is the best thing to do here?

I'm not (yet) on this list, so please cc for now,

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