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Bug#280364: xserver-common: X crashed (signal 7) while scrolling in Mozilla

On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 02:45:47PM +0100, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2004-11-09 06:31:42 +0100, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > Is there any specific reason for using r128 instead of ati?
> Lack of documentation. Since I didn't know what to put in this
> file (it was in March 2001), I took the XF86Config of someone
> else (that was written for the PowerBook G4). I'll change it
> to "ati". If "r128" is deprecated or not better than "ati", it
> should be said in the r128(4x) man page.

It makes no difference. ati will just handball to r128 (except for the
cases where it fails to do because it sucks), so this won't actually
impact on anything.  So no, r128 is not deprecated (neither are radeon
or atimisc).

> > Is this problem reproducible constantly? If so please install the
> > debugging version of the server and provide us a gdb back trace.
> This is the first time it occurred (I couldn't find any other report
> in my mail archives). I also looked for a core file (even though it
> wouldn't really be useful without the debugging version), but there
> was none.

If you want to run mozilla under gdb for a while and just wait for a
segfault, that might be rad.

Daniel Stone                                                <daniels@debian.org>

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