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Bug#279067: xfonts-75dpi: strange glyph for lambda in misc-fixed iso10646-1

reassign 279067 xfonts-base
retitle 279067 xfonts-base: strange glyph for codepoint U+03BB (GREEK SMALL LETTER LAMDA) in -Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--13-120-75-75-C-70-ISO10646-1
tag 279067 + upstream

On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 01:33:15PM +0000, Dave Love wrote:
> Package: xfonts-75dpi
> Version: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-8
> Severity: normal
> The glyph for lambda (0x3BB) in
> -Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--13-120-75-75-C-70-ISO10646-1 (at least)
> is odd -- it doesn't look like a lambda to me.  Perhaps there's a good
> reason for it in terms of modern Greek usage, but it doesn't agree
> with the example in the Unicode chart or any other fonts I've checked.

Thanks for your report.

Just FYI, the font in question is in xfonts-base, not xfonts-75dpi.

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