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Bug#263399: xserver-xfree86: keyboard localisation set during install is not active afterwards

Thanks for looking into this.

Am Thursday 07 October 2004 23:01 schrieb Branden Robinson:

> What exactly is the bug in XFree86 you are reporting?
> Is it the same as #238778?

Right, the title suggests that it is the same.

From #238778:
>> I have no idea what will be feasable to do with X keymaps.
>A gigantic mapping table, I guess.  :(

I think the work has been done already :)
xdebconfigurator used to do this besides setting up a complete X config.

Now the localization functionality has moved into the new localization-config 
package. It should take care of this.

So I guess depending or suggesting those packages could solve the situation? 
OTOH that might not even be nesessary if they are drawn in by the installer 
depending on the installation method and country selected. But I don't know.


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