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Bug#268759: [nv] Sarge xserver-xfree86 breaks display

Package: xserver-xfree86
Severity: important


In one of the labs I administer, we just updated all our machines to the
latest Sarge and all the boxes that were using the "nv" driver had the
same problem: the mouse pointer was a big garbage square, and the video had
problems in general, lots of garbage on screen.

This could be easily solved by adding:
    Option  "HWCursor"  "false"
    Option  "Accel"     "false"
To the Device section.

It's an easy fix, although it's turning off 2D acceleration :-\.

These machines were working fine with the previous Sarge version of
xserver-xfree86, and we never used the proprietary drivers.  Apparently
some changes were made to the nv driver for NVidia support, that broke
in these machines.

These machines are not updated periodically.  Last update was done about
5 or 6 months ago. So the change probably happened some time in that
span (I know it's a lot, sorry for that). 

I'm sorry I don't have the complete hardware information, since I'm not
in the lab right now.

I hope you can have a look at this, and I'll try to submit the hardware
information as soon as I can.


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