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Bug#265084: Reply on bug 265084

Thomas Hood wrote:

 According to my understanding of the severity levels, the fact that X
 doesn't work on one system doesn't count as a "critical" bug.

(I didn't get copied on this message, but I just checked the bug report page and found it.)

Just FYI:

I can't remember for sure, but I'm about 98% confident that I selected "critical" according to the definitions provided in the Debian bug reporting tool, so perhaps those definitions need to be revisited by the designers of the bug reporting tool?

Also, if it matters, I have five SunBlade 2000s; each one locks up hard when upgrading to Testing or Unstable (I tried the first four machines, found they froze, then did a totally clean, minimal install on the fifth, and then tried upgrading it, at which point it froze also; it was this fifth machine I used as the basis for the bug report). If by "one system" you mean "one machine", I'd tend to agree with you. If instead you mean "one particular configuration of hardware, regardless of number of machines involved", I'm a bit less in agreement, as these are just as they shipped from our Sun supplier, which makes me wonder if other SunBlade 2000s world-wide might not suffer the same fate. But the severity level lable is really an important issue to me; I just wanted the developers working on getting Sarge "out the door" to be aware that in my experience, Sarge makes SunBlade 2000s unusable as an X-enabled workstation (which bums me, as I've got them in a university lab to expose the students to the beauty that is Debian).

You developers and package maintainers do a great job! I appreciate your efforts! Thanks!


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