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Bug#256706: Patch exist for bug 256706 - please remove upstream tag and apply patch :)


Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org> wrote:
>Wrong xmodmap display was fixed in xfree86/programs/xmodmap/exec.c r 1.6
> date: 2003/12/02 13:13:57;  author: pascal;  state: Exp;  lines: +15 -4
> 634. Fix xmodmap's output of the modifiers map when the first column
>  keysym is empty (Ivan Pascal).

It seems serious bug #256706 can be solved :) It would be nice to see
updated packages ASAP - xlibs in sarge are outdated and contains lots of
important bugs :(

Good luck,
Mantas Kriaučiūnas <mantas@akl.lt>      Jabber ID: mantas@akl.lt
Public organization "Open Source for Lithuania" - www.akl.lt

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