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Re: trunk/debian/local/FAQ.xhtml

[I'm subscribed to debian-x, so there's no need to mail me privately at two
different addresses in addition to the list.  :) ]

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 02:41:01PM -0400, Albert Cahalan wrote:
> I just spotted an error in the X FAQ. I've quoted it below, as I saw it
> in a change log.
> Sorry, but procps does not currently report IO memory as part of the
> memory being used by the X server. The X server is guilty as charged.

Hmmm.  :(

> Mine grows to about 300 MB on a system with only 16 MB of RAM. Of course
> I kill it at this point; it is reasonable to assume the server grows
> without limit until it crashes due to lack of swap or address space.
> I kind of wonder if some dying app might be leaving stuff allocated on
> the X server, but it isn't obvious how I'd check for that... and anyway,
> it would be a design bug if that were possible.

It's my understanding that X.Org and the newest version of XFree86 have the
xrestop utility for this.

> Note that procps SHOULD be able to report memory usage with or without IO
> regions included, but some foolish kernel hacker removed that ability in
> the mistaken belief that the /proc/*/statm behavior was unintentional.

Well, that's annoying.  Have you complained to LKML?

Thanks for your correction; I'll update the FAQ accordingly.

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