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Bug#266568: AT Keyboard Broken Under X

Unfortunately,  I can't deliver the required information as I was on a
tight schedule and decided it best to do a fresh sarge install. Sorry
:(. The sarge X works fine though, so I'm guessing this was a
regression somewhere between the sarge and sid versions of X. Also,
this wasn't on a Mac, this was on i386. I'll make sure to use
"reportbug" next time. :)

Apologies and thanks for all the great work, 

On Sat, 21 Aug 2004 20:59:29 -0500, Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:
> tag 266568 + moreinfo help
> retitle 266568 xserver-xfree86: [keyboard] AT keyboard not working through PS/2 adapter
> thanks
> On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 10:06:55PM +1200, Harry Nicholls wrote:
> > Package: xserver-xfree86
> > Version: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6
> >
> > I have a PS/2 keyboard connected to my PC through a PS/2 to AT adaptor.
> > Until last night, it worked perfectly under Xfree86 on Sid (i386). After
> > updating to the latest packages it doesn't respond.  Everything is fine
> > with a console login, but for some reason X just doesn't want to
> > recognise it. The only possibly notable line in the log was "Generic
> > Keyboard using legacy driver" or something along those lines.
> >
> > It may also be of note that an Apple USB keyboard works, but doesn't work
> > when plugged in at the same time as the PS/2 keyboard. The problem can be
> > replicated with kernels 2.4.26-k6 and 2.4.27-k6.
> Thanks for your report.
> I'll address the second part first; as far as I know, X is not designed to
> handle multiple core keyboards.  They XFree86 "keyboard" driver in
> particular is not designed for it.  It's my understanding that one of the
> motivations behind the new "kbd" driver is to address that.
> As for the first part, it would be useful to know some more information
> about your system.  The following is a form letter that attempts to
> patiently request this information.  :)
> Also, please note that I only have convenient access to PowerMacs, so I am
> not in a good position to troubleshoot this matter myself.  Perhaps one of
> the people from debian-x can help.  There are many PC users there.  :)
> [The following is a form letter.]
> Dear bug submitter,
> Since the XFree86 X server is a large and complex piece of software, some
> more information is required of you before this bug can be handled.  Please
> run the following commands from a shell prompt to gather and deliver this
> information to us:
> $ /usr/share/bug/xserver-xfree86 > /tmp/output 3>&1
> $ mailx -s "Re: Bug#BUGNUMBER" BUGNUMBER@bugs.debian.org < /tmp/output
> If you do not have a "mailx" command on your system, you can get it by
> installing the "mailx" Debian package; for example, with the "aptitude
> install mailx" or "apt-get install mailx" commands as root.  Alternatively,
> you can also use a mail command that is compatible with mailx's
> command-line syntax, such as "mutt".
> One very good way to file bugs with the Debian Bug Tracking System is to
> use the "reportbug" package and command of the same name.  The reportbug
> program does a lot of automatic information-gathering that helps package
> maintainers to understand your system configuration, and also ensures that
> your message to the Debian Bug Tracking System is well-formed so that it is
> processed correctly by the automated tools that manage the reports.  (If
> you've ever gotten a "bounce" message from the Debian Bug Tracking System
> that tells you your message couldn't be processed, you might appreciate
> this latter feature.)
> Therefore, I strongly urge you to give "reportbug" a try as your primary
> bug reporting tool for the Debian System in the future.
> If you *did* use reportbug to file your report, then you're receiving this
> message because the information we expected to see was not present.
> If you deliberately deleted this information from the report, please don't
> do that in the future, even if it seems like it makes the mail too large.
> 50 kB (kilobytes) of configuration and log data is typical.  Only if the
> included information greatly exceeds this amount (more than 100 kB) should
> you consider omitting it; instead, put it up on the World Wide Web
> somewhere and provide URLs to it in your report, or in subsequent followup
> by mailing <BUGNUMBER@bugs.debian.org>.
> Thank you!
> --
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