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Bug#265801: bootlogd stops too early

On 2004.08.15 19:06, dean gaudet wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > I'd say that's a bug in xdm, it should be at S95 or so.
> there are other S99 scripts as well... on my systems i find:
> S99fetchmail
> S99rmnologin
> S99stop-bootlogd
> S99xdm
> it's really only by luck that S99stop-bootlogd is almost last.  that's why
> i suggested fixing bootlogd rather than trying to discover all the other
> S99s and change them.

But that is what should be done. Policy says that if you use non-standard
start/stop levels, you have to discuss that with the sysvinit maintainer.
Nobody appears to do that. Bootlogd is part of sysvinit, so it's start/stop
level has been discussed with the maintainer, so it is correct. All the
others are incorrect.

The question is, what is a "manamanap".
The question is, who cares ?

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