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Bug#265552: pstree indentation doesn't line up in xterm

Thomas Dickey wrote:
> Note the "\E+".  That's an error (in psmisc, since it has no reason to generate
> something like that).  There's no such escape sequence. 

Hmm, this looks more and more related to bug #265553 then. As I explain
there, psmisc generates a line including escape sequences, and then truncates
it to fit in the width of the screen. It adds this "+" to indicate the
line was chopped. Since it doesn't take the escape sequences into
account, the lines are often truncated at much shorter than $COLUMNS
displayable characters, and also it could chop a line in the middle of
an escape sequence, as it seems to have done here.

If that sounds right, I'll reassign this bug to psmisc and merge it with
#265553. I should have thought that when one finds two strange things,
they're often related..

see shy jo

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