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Bug#261163: Acknowledgement (xlibs-data: change sequences for KP_Delete for PL locales)

On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 04:35:00AM +0200, Emil Nowak wrote:
> Bugreport should be send for package xlibs, so please reassign it and apply
> attached patch.

> +    // Begin keypad section
> +    // The Polish standard is comma on the keypad not decimal dot
> +    key  <KPDL> {        [        KP_Delete, comma            ]       }; 
> +    // End of keypad section

Thanks for the report, and the patch!

I'm going to use "KP_Separator" instead of "comma", as that seems to be
more consistent with other symbol files.  I've tested that and it seems to
to work right.

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