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Bug#257515: lost my 'c' key in X

retitle 257515 xserver-xfree86: [debconf] keyboard layout template should tell U.K. users to use 'gb'
reassign 257515 xserver-xfree86
severity 257515 normal
tag 257515 - moreinfo
clone 257515 -1
retitle -1 xserver-xfree86: X server should popen() xkbcomp so that its error messages are logged
severity -1 wishlist
tag -1 + upstream

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 08:55:57PM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> I performed the same set of tests as for the previous version and I have come
> up with the following results with dfsg.1-6:
> model   layout  result
> ----------------------
> pc10104 ukgb    e/c work; pound-sterling sign doesn't; errors to output
> pc104   ukgb    e/c work; pound-sterling sign doesn't; errors to output
> pc104   uk      e/c work; pound-sterling sign doesn't; errors to output
> pc104   gb      works
> Please note that the pound-sterling problem may be more complex than the
> key problems I suffered in the original bug posting: I frequently have
> problems with this symbol anyway, as a consequence of locales, UTF-8 etc. For
> now I would like to disregard this :)
> I have made observations with regards the errors reported to output by the X
> server in a different email for this bug in an attempt to preserve the flow of
> the thread, for those of us reading the report in a threaded mailer.

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 09:02:53PM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 09:46:24PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 04:31:35PM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> > > Perhaps the Xserver could provide some kind of alert when an invalid
> > > keyboard/keymap is selected;
> >·
> > It generally does; both to its logfile in /var/log and to standard error.
> >·
> > If you mean it should draw its own dialog box on the screen even without
> > benefit of an installed widget library, I daresay that's unlikely to happen
> > anytime soon.
> No - I meant to the logfile and to standard error.
> With dfsg.1-6 I notice the following printed to standard error, but /not/ the
> logfile when using an invalid layout (indentation mine):
>         The XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:
>         > Error:            Can't find file "pc/uk" for symbols include
>         >                   Exiting
>         >                   Abandoning symbols file "default"
>         Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server
> > Do you regard this bug as resolved?
> I think it would be a good idea for the above output to be provided to the·
> logfile in addition to the standard error and ideally also marked with (WW)
> or (EE) so that grepping the log file for problems turns it up.·
> What do you think of this suggestion?

Thanks for following up!

I am re-purposing this bug as a documentation issue.  I am also cloning the
bug for the separate problem of xkbcomp's error output not being reported
as well as it should.  Unfortunately, I do not expect *that* issue to be
resolved in time for sarge's release.

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