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Bug#116507: Fw: improve vision

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President, was the answer; but an American boy, you must rememberThat makes
a big difference, I assure you

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Subject: improve vision

Antibiotic treatment is nearly always instituted empirically and is often
continued with no isolate to direct specific treatment  Most trials assessed
this scenario and do not support a benefit for combination therapy 
Clinicians may still opt for combination empirical treatment to increase the
probability of appropriate empirical treatment which has indeed been shown
to improve survival 90 91 Current evidence suggests that aminoglycoside
monotherapy may be inadequate for infections outside the urinary tract 10 92
I An unconscionable time a-dying - there is the picture ("I am afraid,
gentlemen,") of your life and of mine. The sands run out, and the hours are
"numbered and imputed," and the days go by; and when the last of these finds
us, we have been a long time dying, and what else? The very length is
something, if we reach that hour of separation undishonoured; and to have
lived at all is doubtless (in the soldierly expression) to have served. 
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