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Bug#237877: use DisplaySize to set dpi

The DPI can also be set using the DisplaySize parameter in XF86Config-4.
Although this seems to be semantically equivalent to the -dpi option
(none of my computers auto-detect it, so I can't tell if auto-detection
overrides DisplaySize, but it seems unlikely), it would be 1) easier for
users to find and change, and 2) easier to handle with dexconf.  A
simple 'I have a 14"/15"/17"/21"/custom/autodetect monitor' question
would make this issue go away.

This suggestion comes from the perspective of one who always enters
DisplaySize manually, and removes the -dpi from xserverrc.  Monitors
differ enough in their resolutions these days that it's really worth
getting it right.

Also, has anyone asked the X developers for a "soft" version of -dpi or
DisplaySize?  It seems like a trivial feature.


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