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Re: Bug#260260: wmpinboard crashes when typing keyboard chars

  question to the X11 people: does a segfault at

    #0  0x41671029 in XmbLookupString () from /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so.6

  *always* mean that the bug should be reassigned to libx11-6?

  thanks, and please CC me and 260260@bugs.debian.org (M-F-T set, I

* Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt [Sat, 24 Jul 2004 18:36:38 +0200]:
> severity 260260 grave
> tags 260260 + help confirmed
> thanks

> Joe Greenseid <jgreenseid@wesleyan.edu> writes:
> > i have wmpinboard attached as a dock app in windowmaker (obviously).
> > 1.0-8 worked fine.  but when i caught the upgrade to 1.0-9 a few days ago,
> > i noticed that when i open a note and try to type any keyboard character
> > into it, the app just seg faults.

  rebuilding 1.0-8 in a current sid system *of course* produces a buggy
  binary too.

> I can reproduce this on my local system. I have to admit that i didn't
> really check the package after recompiling it [1].

  sad to hear this...

> [1]  I mostly did this to change the maintainer field and didn't change
>      anything in the code...

  but more than half a year had passed, and there was a major version
  X11 upgrade in the middle.

> My problem is that i really don't see why this happens, I'm unable to
> fix this bug.

  I am quite ignorant about X11 and the like, so I'm pretty lost too.

  let's see,

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