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Howto build fdo driver for Debian XFree86?

I'm trying to get DRM working on my laptop, which has an S3 Savage MX-MV
chipset.  According to directions I've found on the web
(http://www.linux-sxs.org/guis/DRIS3.html), I'd hoped it might be as simple
as building the DRI kernel driver for the savage and inserting it, and the
XFree86 driver would be able to handle it.  Apparently not.

What I'm trying to do now is build the savage Xfree86 driver out of the
freedesktop.org DRI CVS and install it, but when I start X, I get an error
"module ABI minor version (7) is newer than the server's version (6)". 
Obviously the build is picking up too much FDO stuff and not enough Debian-X

Is there a recommended procedure for building a new shiny driver out of FDO
CVS for the Debian X build, or is the only available procedure to build FDO
X instead and use all of that instead?

Any suggestions appreciated.

- Matt

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